• Robot C
  • Mod Kit
  • STEM Skills
  • Graphical Robot C
  • VEX Robot Virtual Worlds
  • Autodesk and VEX Assembler


Full Day Program9am to 3pm$500
Half Day Program
9am to 12pm$300
12pm to 3pm

Our Instructors

All Dublin Robotics Club coaches have hands on experience in robot building, programming, design process, engineering drawings, and testing. Many also have  engineering degrees for specific 

Dublin Robotics Club offers Summer Camp to students ranging from First grade to High School Students
We offer half days summer camp and full days summer camp. Schedule includes Robot building, programming, testing, competition, simple mechanical principles etc. Students enjoyed their fun filled week of summer camp.​​​


Dublin Robotics Club provides one-on-one training to students on robot building in VEX IQ and VEX EDR platform. We also offer group session and summer programs  

Dublin Robotics Club offers Summer camp on following weeks.​​ 

Week 1June 10June 14
Week 2June 17June 21
Week 3June 24June 28
Week 4July 8July 12
Week 5July 15July 19
Week 6July 22July 26
Week 7July 29August 2
Week 8August 5August 9
Week 9August 12August 16

Professional Robotics Education

Each week is independent, you can choose one week or all weeks. 

Extended daycare available from 3 pm to 6 pm if needed. $10 per hr.

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Dublin Robotics Club VEX Robotics Summer Camp