Grants / patents / Research paper

Dublin Robotics / ROBOLABS offers ONLINE Grants / PatentS / RESEARCH PAPER write-up classes for high school StudentS

Project R-MAVI (Patent filed)


Dublin Robotics / Robolabs is an approved small business  - submitting and receiving grants award from US government entities like NASA, National Institute of health, Department of Defense and Energy etc. Government entities offers millions of dollars in grants to work on the next generation technologies and innovative ideas every year.

Dublin Robotics / Robolabs guide students to come up with plans to create grants application based on their interest in their aspirational college discipline and career paths.


Dublin Robotics / Robolabs helps students to form teams, facilitate students to come up with an innovative ideas and create patent application. Work with Patent lawyers and USPTO to submit for provisional patent and utility patent application.

These classes are recommended to students who are interested to join Engineering, Medicine, Healthcare and Research fields. Our 1 year program has already taught 40+ high schoolers how to file their own patents. Add inventor to your resume by patenting your ideas today. Contact us about the class timings, fees and commitment requirements to join in these special project teams.

Research Paper

Dublin Robotics / Robolabs Research Paper program helps students with curious mind to develop research proposal in their field of interest. Students brainstorm topics of interest and develop a research question. Our 1 year program teaches high schoolers to write their own research papers for submission to professional journals . If you want to get a step ahead for college, research is a great skill to develop.